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Home Inspection

Insurance policies require someone visit and inspect a property frequently to check windows, heat, water pipes, etc. are all functioning and maintained. This is an important condition for insurance and to protect your valuable asset.


Rossland Concierge has been in business for 22 years. We are experienced, insured and bonded, and have earned a solid reputation for trust and reliability. We offer clients the peace of mind gained from knowing a reputable company is monitoring the integrity of their home and investment.


Three levels of home inspection services are offered:


  • Monthly, 1 visit per month.

       $60 Condo  per visit: $70 House per visit.


  • Monthly, 2 visits per month.

       $40 Condo per visit : $50 House per visit


  • Monthly, 4 visits per motnth.

       $30 Condos per visit: $40 house per visit


Do you have different requirements? Please enquire.

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